courtyard manor

Proposed Residence for Ms.Suganya @ Velachery. The house revolves around a central courtyard facilitating 360 ventilation lighting to safeguard an ambient living experience.

20x60  tower

Proposed builder project encompassing 8 luxury apartment with glass corridors giving a seamless view on either sides towards the city's landscape. The proposal incorporates a private access lift for all the units featuring a community foyer in every floor with private units and a fire escape. The units are topped with a 30 foot cantilevered slab promising a shaded environment and also acting as wind diverters. Below the slab lies the community centre, gym with pool and sauna access.

Conceptual collaboration

A new typology of open slabs leading to a design conceptual proposal for an IT firm. the design aims to propose spaces in an open format yet maintaining adequate social interaction spaces. How long would the offices bore its workers? Its time to rethink the same typology. 

Mr. Ravindran Says....

It was great to work with the young architects for my residential interior. The competed with all our requirements and entitled us with the best design and also were able to make it to the site for any alterations made.


—  Ravindran, Resident - Chennai


Mob: 9790844749                                               9677022867

No:16/1,1st floor,Dr.Ranga Road,Alwarpet



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Master bedroom - Mrs & Mr Anil

Bedroom concepts