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We at Archivite Architecture follow a fascination for investigative spatial research focusing on the productive interior environments and the influence of built form on the everyday lives of its inhabitants and users. On the other hand, we stretch our research into contextual and site constraints with respect to testing socio-cultural, economic and environmental issues, informal urbanism and typologies of housing. We believe every design is unique and is a resultant of in-depth analytical research, whilst also challenging the existing thinking strategies and evolving exciting design solutions.



Legotyping involves the exploration of multiple design options through extensive design testing to use through smaller-scaled lego blocks. Design is the result of this tedious iterative process, which allows the highest quality design to emerge through continuous discussion and assessment. We try to use diagrams, visualizations, physical models and numerous other mediums to interrogate the design, the site, the brief, and the client’s wishes.



We live in urban societies that have grown past limitations, set backward standards on conditions of living. Our societies live past expecting, where demand is more than supply. We seek a positive approach at our studio in the upcoming years, to collaborate on social and CSR related projects to get committed to working on urban level projects, thus extending our research on a more actual scale.



karthik nachiappan

An Architect & Urbanist graduated from the Architectural Association, specializing in Housing & Urbanism. Passionate about evolving design as a process and travels a lot. Also an academician, involved in research based on housing, sociology and urban design.


deepa murugesan

A young and passionate architect with more than 5 years experience. Designs with an intent and loves chocolates and coffee over design. Having worked in a firm, Deepa has an experience of handling residential, commercial and theatre complex projects.


bala maheshwaran

Balamaheshwaran, is an Architect, Urban planner, and a Researcher. His ideology reflect on the development of integrated design processes, at the intersection of vernacular design, morphogenetic digital design computation and computer-aided manufacturing that enables a highly articulated and per formative built environment. He graduated masters in Planning and Sustainability from Polytech Tours, University of Francoise Rabelais, Tours, France and currently pursuing his Phd @ CEPT University.


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