Mrs & Mr Prasanna Haran Residence


The freshness in the design was evolved taking in account, saving the existing contour. Rather making a flat land, design started to be conceptualized with the floating contours that extend the vista towards Safa Valley. Internal arrangement of spaces collide with serious of semi open and open spaces that provides the opportunity of an inside out space. The design is purely extroverted and maximizes the user to connect with the nature. A pattern of jaali with slit windows was designed to adorn the walls of the staircase. A sense of traditionalism was achieved by the use of clay tiles, athangudi tiles for flooring, "paaku"mtattai and sheets for false ceiling, exposed brickwork and teak wood furniture. This project gave us an opportunity to explore design niches for a well planned environment, rather focused on being elevation centric.  


Mob: 9790844749                                               9677022867

No:16/1,1st floor,Dr.Ranga Road,Alwarpet



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