YUDW - Series 1 - 29/05/2018

Youth Urban Design workshop - Exploring spatial opportunities created by Complete streets & Vertical Recreation.

Youth Urban Design Workshop is one of its kind that engage Urban Youth to investigate and ideate on spatial realities understanding and reading our urban conditions.

Context and Content

Vertical Recreation:

The first thing that comes to our mind is Urban think Tank’s – Vertical Gym in Venezuela. This topic explores how architecture promotes a social integrity and engages audience in to a mode of series of recreation methods in a single framework. We would be taking a site of given scale to design and explore recreational opportunities that could be futuristic. Participants should have an understanding of active and passive recreation and some amount of knowledge in types of hard and soft landscapes as a pre study.

Participants are requested to do a little bit of research on this topic and also would be given network availability to explore references on the day of workshop.

Commendable Streets/Complete Streets:

We live in cities, in urban areas, in apartments – We commute daily and walk around the streets. Do our major streets facilitate pedestrian movements, trees, bicycles or any elements of public in nature? This topic explores different ways to redefine streets in urban areas. We would take up a junction in given scope of study and redesign the street and junction that facilitates smooth flow of users, vehicles and also accommodates street elements. Participants are requested to learn a bit about elements in a street, view different urban street sections etc.



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